Welcome to Serveen Software Systems Pvt Ltd.

Our Strengths

The strength of the Company is its well trained and skilled manpower resources and techno-proficient consultants. The group is ably guided by experienced Project Leaders, Senior Programmers and Engineers.Employing Quality Assurance as the basis for our activities, we strictly adhere to Quality Standards and deliver economic solutions within a fixed time schedule.

We have a good track record of deploying manpower services to varied clients through our Consultancy Services division. The Company has focussed its operations to encompass SIX major areas .

Our proven expertise is in the fields of

  • Commercial applications and database management systems.
  • Scientific and engineering applications.
  • E-commerce & Internet applications.
  • ERP Solutions & Consultancy Services.
  • Training to meet IN-HOUSE and other domestic and overseas needs.
  • Systems integration i.e., Supply of PCs, Network solutions.

Quality Assurance A key Ingredient at Serveen

To establish ourselves as global player in IT we recognise that adherence to internationally accepted standards is essential.

The SQA activities in Serveen are split down into following tasks.

  • Application of technical methods.
  • Conduct of formal technical reviews.
  • Testing.
  • Enforcement of candidates in product evaluation and process monitering.
  • Control of change at various stages.
  • Measurements.
  • SQA Adults.
  • Record keeping and Aduiting.

It is an "umbrella activity" that is applied within the company at each and every stage in every process.